La Nave


La Nave is a living space, open and dynamic, which includes projects of various kinds, united by the passion, design and quality. The ship is a means of transport (sea, sky, underground, space, etc..) And the question that we asked ourselves during the process was: How can a ship orientate in many dimensions different from each other? certainly through cartography and maps. The identity develops, then, through the cartographic language applied to a modern design and constant. Following this concept, it was designed a dynamic identity that extends to 11 logos

based on the same grid construction, created from an “N”, which is configured in between a regular and condensed. The identity is that which does not change the symbol, which represents the serif font and language mapping is the human’s presence. What instead change in the 11 logos is the diagonal of the auction “N” that takes different forms always extrapolated from the cartographic language. any logo can represent a particular creative process, even if the ‘initial idea is to have no limits to use. (Madrid)

Art direction

Davide Fichera
Lorena Serrano Peinado
Massimiliano Parisi